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  • Most merchants want to immediately know the exact rates and fees they will incur is a reasonable position and request. Our representatives are well trained and they know what questions to ask to get the right fit.  Every business  or merchant is different in many ways. Our representatives will have a conversation with all of our merchants so that a complete understanding of the business needs is achieved.  If you currently are working with another company, to help answer questions when asked, it helps the representative to have your current statement present.  Once questions are asked, each particular business is placed into a merchant account with rates and fees that are not only the most competitive, but also ensure that the best interests of the merchant are fully met with the proper equipment.  A merchant might have an idea of what they want for equipment, not realizing the costs, but after talking with a Merchant Service Technologies representative better equipment which is less expensive will work more efficiently.

Perfect merchant account solution

    • Free Rate Quotes
    • NO Application Fee
    • NO Contracts
    • NO Annual Fee
    • No Set-up Fee
    • Free smartphone reader
    • $7.95 Monthly Statement Fee
    • $50 referral fee
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